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The DAV Movement which is a century old entered the Public School system in early seventies. These schools present a synthesis of tradition and modernity, a harmonious blend of western scientific knowledge and a sound grounding of our own culture and tradition.

We respectfully remember the cherished goals set for all of us by the founding father Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi, namely to eradicate ignorance and illiteracy through diffusion of education for renaissance and resurgence.

To mark the centenary of the great DAV movement, a number of DAV public schools were opened in 1985. Brahm Prakash D.A.V Centenary School, Kanchanbagh is one such school.

Brahm Prakash DAV School was established in July, 1985 with just 234 students on its rolls. This sapling planted twenty eight years ago has now grown into a colossal tree providing shade and shelter to about 1816 students spread over 42 sections with a staff strength of 77. It is a progressive co-educational English Medium school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The rapid increase in the strength of students in the school is an eloquent testimony to its popularity. The school has highly qualified and competent teachers.

The school has been named after a great scientist who was also the First Chairman of Midhani, Dr. Brahm Prakash. The school was formally inaugurated by Sri. P.V. Narasimha Rao, the then Defense Minister of Government of India, on 20th July, 1985.

To ensure quality education, a congenial environment and worthwhile facilities at the school are very essential. The aim is to draw out the best in the child and offer him/her opportunities for self-fulfillment of which she/he is capable of.

We aim at:

Academic excellence along with opportunities for the flowering of individual talent. Due emphasis is laid on the formation of character and a spirit of dedication for the service of the society.

Enabling the child to explore from environment knowledge which would prepare him for facing the challenges of modern life without depending upon spoon feeding from his teachers.
Developing a rational and scientific outlook on life and acquiring
thirst for knowledge.
Inculcating the fundamental values of life-like compassion, tolerance, truth, honesty, love for
ones fellow beings and respect for our ancient thought and culture.

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